NZFGC Shared Horizons 2023

Welcome to Shared Horizons, where we delve into crucial topics, showcase innovative thinking, and highlight success stories from across the food and beverage sector. This exciting initiative is proudly presented to you by the NZ Food and Grocery Council, in partnership with ASN Media.

Shared Horizons brings you exclusive interviews with industry experts and professionals, alongside comprehensive profiles of NZFGC members and leading organisations.

Explore the content, divided into four themes: "Circular Economy & Food Waste," "Resilience, Reformulation & Innovation," "Corporate Social Responsibility," and "Workforce Attraction & Retention."



Resilience, Reformulation & Innovation

In the New Zealand food and beverage sector, resilience is paramount, with businesses continually adapting to overcome challenges and maintain stability. Simultaneously, there is a robust emphasis on reformulation, striving for healthier product options without compromising quality. Innovation remains a central pillar, driving progress and ensuring the industry remains competitive and sustainable.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The New Zealand food and beverage industry is deeply committed to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), actively integrating ethical practices and sustainability into its core operations. Businesses are prioritizing social well-being, environmental stewardship, and transparent governance, fostering a culture of accountability and contributing positively to the broader community and ecosystem.

Workforce Attraction & Retention

In New Zealand's food and beverage industry, attracting and retaining a skilled workforce is of paramount importance. Companies are investing in employee development and fostering inclusive workplaces to ensure a motivated and competent workforce. These efforts not only enhance job satisfaction and productivity but also contribute to the industry's long-term sustainability and success.